The Tool Seat

The Tool Seat is an aluminum built tray that fits on the seat of most dirt bikes; designed to hold all of your most essential tools and parts.

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Never Loose A Part or Tool Again!

Working on your bike could not be easier. The Tool Seat keeps your parts and tools in one convenient, easily accessible place!

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At The Track

At the track or in the garage the Tool Seat is great for keeping your chain lube and wrenches in one easy to find location.

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Buy The Tool Seat

Purchase your Tool Seat today for only $39.95

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Distributors Wanted

Contact us if you're a motorcycle dealership or accessory distributor and would like to sell the Tool Seat

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We've got answers. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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How many times have you been working on your dirt bike and lost that little part that is probably way too expensive? We at Tool Seat have experienced this scenario numerous times and have decided to provide the public with a solution.