Tool Seat has grown from an idea to a real life solution.


How many times have you been working on your dirt bike and lost that little part that is way overpriced?


We at Tool Seat have experienced this scenario numerous times and decided to provide the public with a great product that will last a lifetime!


Frequently asked questions?


Where would I use the Tool Seat?

  • In The Pit
  • At The Shop
  • In The Garage
  • Anywhere!


How would this benefit me?  What does it feature?

  • Tools/Hardware within hands reach!
  • Prevents loss or misplacement of critical hardware
  • Centralizes tools and hardware for timely adjustments and repair
  • Has a Secure Fit on late model Motocross/Off road dirt bikes


Couldn’t I just use a tub or plastic container to keep my parts together?

  • Sure but why?

With Tool Seat’s innovative design the tray can be placed securely on the seat, on the ground, or almost anywhere else!  Why mess with a plastic tub that you’ll need to search through when your materials are laid out for you.


There is also a rubber lining in the tray to keep your parts clean and scratch free!


How durable is the Tool Seat?

  • It is made out of quality grade aluminum, so you can be rest assured that it will last a very long time.